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Trust Your Body

The body has an innate ability to heal. 

Let's help it along!

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My Story

In 2013, I was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune condition called relapsing polychondritis. 

On the basis of extensive research, I rejected my doctor’s orders and

eschewed the perils of corticosteroid treatment, instead choosing a path

of changing my diet and lifestyle.


I switched to a low-fat, whole-food, plant-based diet that not only reversed

my autoimmune condition, but also improved my health in countless

other ways.


Based on the statistics, I was supposed to be either bedridden or dead

by now, but instead I am alive and well — and medication-free!

These positive changes inspired me to study nutrition-based health further,

to the point where it has become an obsession of mine. 

In rapid succession I earned several nutrition and health certificates.

For a complete list of certificates and courses, click here.

To read my story on T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies,

click here, or here for the Spanish version.

The Process

Becoming a Plant-Based Health Coach and Educator was inspired by my own journey with autoimmune disease. Experiencing how plant-based nutrition put my condition into remission ignited a passion to empower others to prevent and reverse diseases and reduce medication dependency. Delving into the study of plant-based nutrition has enriched my understanding of strategies to combat chronic illnesses effectively.

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Are You Sick of Being Sick?

  • Are you ready to take charge of your health?

  • Do you want to reduce or eliminate your reliance on medication?

  • Have you felt overdiagnosed, overtested, and overtreated, leaving you confused?

  • Are you seeking better ways to address your health issues?

  • Would you like to spend less time in doctors’ offices?

  • Are you aiming to achieve optimal health?

  • Do you want advice from someone who is self-funded, doesn't sell anything, and has no conflicts of interest?

  • Are you ready to prevent, treat, and reverse disease with a WFPB diet—the only diet scientifically proven to reverse and cure our #1 killer, heart disease?

Why Work with Me?

Address the true causes of disease!

Make meaningful diet and lifestyle changes, do not settle for focusing on just symptom suppression.


Save money!

Adopting a healthy whole food, plant-based diet will address the whole of you, not just one organ or health issue. Invest the money you will save on your medical bills into healthy foods and your health!


Reverse disease!

Many studies have shown that healthy plant-based diet and lifestyle can not only prevent disease but also reverse it.


Enjoy life!

Adopting a healthy diet and lifestyle will improve your overall well-being. When you feel better physically, you feel better mentally, and all aspects of your life will improve.

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Schedule a FREE 15-Minute Discovery Call so we can discuss...

  • What health issues you are dealing with.

  • What you have done in the past to address these issues.

  • How I can help.

  • A plan of action to set up your full nutrition and health consultation.


No health advice is given during this introductory call.

I will listen to your concerns, ask you some questions,

and explain my programs and process.

The Best Time to Get Healthy Is Right Now!

If you are serious about building a lifestyle that gives you more energy, less medication and a better quality of life, I will be happy to guide you on your way. 

Ready to Take the First Step?

Request a Free, No-obligation 15-Minute Discovery Call to See if This Is For You
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