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Salad Ideas

Prep Time:

10 Minutes

Cook Time:

0 Minutes





About the Recipe

Your grandma was right. Veggies are healthy. Eat them every day!


  • any vegetable and/or fruit you like

  • any legume (bean, lentils, green peas; tofu) or starch (rice, millet, quinoa) you like (optional)

  • a sprinkling of your favorite nuts and seeds (optional)

  • any herbs and spices (optional)

  • lemon juice, lime juice, vinegar or your favorite oil-free dressing (optional)


  1. Cut up your fruit and veggies, or not.

  2. Add whatever you like.

  3. Use a vinegar or dressing you like, or not.

  4. Enjoy any time of day!

And please, don't harm any animals while making your salad! ;o)

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